Late-Breaking News and Topical Items

• 3/21/16: The March 2016 La Concha is out! 
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• 1/7/16: Numbers!: The 2015 end-of-year statistics have been made available by La Oficina de Acogida de Peregrinos (the Pilgrims' Welcome Office) in Santiago and, as usual, they are interesting in one respect or another. The 2014 to 2015 increase in Compostelas issued was 10.4%, in line with the two previous year-to-year increases. The dramatic increases in the number and percent of total of U.S. peregrinos continued. in 2015 U.S. citizens were issued 13,658 compostelas, 5.2% of the total. And American Pilgrims issued 6,420 credentials in 2015, an increase of 10% over the number issued in 2014. The peak month for total arrivals in Santiago has always been August, while the peak months for arrivals for U.S. passport holders continue to be June and October with a deep valley in August. If you'd like to see the whole story visit our dedicated page of statistics.

• 8/15/15: Saint Jean to Roncesvalles via the Napoleon Route closed November 1st through March 31st. Safety authorities on both sides of the French-Spanish border have decided to officially close the Napoleon Route from Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port to Roncesvalles between November 1st and March 31st. This is due to generally bad weather conditions on that path and the need for local safety authorities to put themselves at risk (and bother) rescuing people. Local authorities have the option to close the route after this interval if weather conditions dictate the need. The lower Valcarlos Route will remain open. You can read a local newspaper article (Spanish) HERE or download a synopsis of the information (English) HERE.

• 12/26/14: The PBS series Sacred Journeys. Public Broadcasting has shown an extraordinary series called Sacred Journeys. While "our" Camino isn't among the six presented, these are well worth seeking out and watching. The six are Lourdes, the Shikoku (The 88 Temples), Jerusalem, The Hajj, the Kumbh Mela and Osun-Osogbo. All six have already been broadcast but are available on the PBS website. Visit the series website.

• 7/28/14: The European Peace Walk: Officially launched July of 2014, the European Peace Walk is a trans-national, cross border initiative set on creating an integrated tourist platform along the borders of Central Europe to celebrate the present European culture of peace. Open to all, the European Peace Walk is a 550‑km permanent walkway with supporting services and accommodation provided along the way. The European Peace Walk starts in Vienna-Bratislava, and then passes Sopron, Szombathely, Maribor, Slovenj Gradecand Kranj before ending at the Mediterranean Sea in Trieste, Italy. The European Peace Walk hopes to become a recognized fixture of modern day Europe, and within a decade, is expected to have 30,000 participants per year using it.

• 2/6/14: You have your compostela. You've attended the pilgrims' Mass. You've hugged the Saint. Now what? You need to scan through this blog entry by the venerable Johnnie Walker:
20 things to see and do in Santiago de Compostela

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