Los Correos de España announces "Stamp Art for the Camino"

Los Correos, the Spanish Post Office has announced a call for Camino-related artwork which may be exhibited at post office premises and at other venues. Here's your chance to be publicized in a unique manner! All submitted work will be uploaded in the website, “El Camino con Correos”. Sound intriguing? All the details are to be found at: elcaminoconcorreos.com/mailart. Deadline for submissions is September 30th.

Vision: We inspire all who seek the spirit of the Camino to connect with the global community of pilgrims
American Pilgrims announces the opportunity to serve on the association's Board of Directors. The Board is seeking one new director to serve a three-year term, beginning this fall. This opportunity would put you in a unique position to give back to the Camino and to be instrumental in fulfilling the mission of our organization. This is a working board with each member expected to play multiple roles. If this sounds like something you'd like to learn more about click HERE for the full story.
Papers from the 2017 William & Mary Symposium on Pilgrimage Studies

Those who have been to the annual symposium put on by The Institute for Pilgrimage Studies at the College of William and Mary know what a marvelous event it is. The theme of the 2017 event was "What is Pilgrimage". The International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (Dublin) has released its latest free, digital edition with eleven papers presented at that event. Click HERE to access the journal.