Welcome to La Concha!

…the quarterly publication of American Pilgrims on the Camino. La Concha informs readers about events and news of interest to the pilgrim community and gives pilgrims a means to tell others of their Camino experiences, through essays, photographs, original art, poetry and other forms of expression. Members receive newly published issues electronically and have access to all editions.

Whether you are an oft-published author or will be seeing your writing and name in print for the first time, we want to hear from you.
The most recent issue of La Concha was distributed in December of 2016. The next deadline for submissions is February 8, 2017. 

Consider sharing the following:
• A poem, song or blessing reflecting a pilgrim’s perspective
• A Camino recipe or a special photograph
• A bit of research or scholarly observation
• A book, video or CD review
• Camino-related activities in your part of the country
• Money-saving tips and practical advice on packs, clothing or medical issues
• Vignettes or nuggets of information, even if only a few sentences

• Only current members of American Pilgrims may contribute
• There is a 400-word limit for written submissions for La Concha as they will appear in the newsletter. Longer articles can be submitted for consideration for the Camino Essays page on the American Pilgrims website. You can submit the long article to La Concha, indicating the 400-word stopping point. We will facilitate publication of the full article, with accompanying photos, on the website and include a link to it at the end of the 400-word La Concha segment.
• Written material must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. No exceptions.
• Accompanying photos are welcome and encouraged, but please follow these guidelines:
     o Submit a maximum of 3 photos / images per story or topic
     o Format: 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF image files (please do not submit PDF files or photos within a Word document)
     o File sizes must be between 500 KB and 2 MB
     o Photos should include the following Information:
> Photographer’s name
> Photo/image description including:
— Location and date, even if you are only sure it was between places X and Y and in the spring of a certain year
— Identity of people in the photo (please specify “from left to right” or “from top to bottom”), unless it is a group photo, for example, of a chapter event or group at a dinner table
• Articles should be stories and not promotions or advertisements

The editors include as many submissions as possible in each issue. Others may be deferred to subsequent issues. Please send submissions or queries to newsletter@americanpilgrims.org.
Below are links to all  issues. Current members always automatically receive new editions in their e-mail inbox! Why not join today!

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